Monday, October 15, 2012

"Where do the years go?"

This weekend we celebrated my niece as a soon to be Bride, with a Bridal Shower.  She looked gorgeous (as always) and was beaming with excitement!  As she talked about the stress of the wedding, I couldn't help but to think - "Where did the time go?" 

I remembered back when she, her sister, and 2 of my other nieces would come over to "Aunt Tam's" house and play in the sprinkler under the southern sun.  After working up a healthy appetite, we would sit down to a nice little picnic in the shade of an old cherry tree.  Once we would get our tummies full; the blanket that was just used as a "table cloth", became a soft, cool grass pallet to sneek a nap in. 

It was such a nice time to share with them before I became a Wife/Mom myself.  Since then, I have experienced a lot of good and a lot of not so, but PRAISE GOD I experienced life! As her wedding approaches, my heart remembers ALL 5 of my nieces & my nephew, and ALL that they will experience in their years ahead.  My spirit smiles with joy and anticipation to watch them bloom into what God has intended them to be. 

But, at the same time, my heart stalls with hesitation in knowing that there will be mountains that they will have to climb.  I earnestly PRAY for my children, my nieces, and my nephew to keep their eyes/heart set on GOD and to follow him in ALL of lifes' paths. Not just during the sunny days... but to stay faithful to God in the stormy ones too!From experience, I know that there will be times they want to give up; to give in. But I pray that they will ALL stand firm and keep their faith in God to bring them through to the sunshine waiting on the other side.  If God brings you to it, He WILL bring you through it!!

With all of that said, and the trip down memory lane over... We wanted to give them something from the heart, something that they could cherish as a family keepsake... So,  here is a little "something" that I made for her and her fiance' as they embark on their "journey" together.

Thankfully, She LOVED it!!

Prayers & Blessings, Tami

Monday, October 8, 2012

More projects from Fashioned In Faith...

Just wanted to share with you real quickly, some more projects that I have been working on to take to "Chinaberry Dreams Soapworks & Gifts"...  Thanks for stopping by!! 

Prayers & Blessings, Tami

"Sing Unto The Lord  A New Song" (recipe, keepsake, or address box)...

Fashioned In Faith Cards...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Cup Runneth Over!

Tonight as I sit around with our children, watching TV, my heart is filled with LOVE for all of the BLESSINGS that God has bestowed upon our little family!!  This weekend we had our daughter's 10th Birthday party and we had such a great time.  We had a Tea Party and it turned out so much more special than I had ever planned.  She was all {SMILES} the whole day!  And THAT made my heart smile!!
Today; we got to worship all together as a family, came home to eat lunch, and have just relaxed and enjoyed the day!  So many times, we get so busy, that we forget to APPRECIATE all that we are given and all that GOD continues to do for us.  We are so quick to whine and complain about what we don't have, that we miss the TRUE blessings around us each and every day. I want to take this time to PRAISE GOD for Jesus' sacrifice for us all AND the many blessings bestowed upon our family. I love You, Lord!