Monday, January 14, 2013

"Sweet Daughter" Mini Album - Part 3

Hello!  And WELCOME to the NEW and IMPROVED "Fashioned In Faith" blog. There are some exciting changes going on here... starting with my NEW LOOK and ADDED CONTENT!  I hope you enjoy it. If there are any concerns with the readability or links not working, please inform me so that I can make changes. Thanks!!
I also want to take some time in this post to show the best part of the "Sweet Daughter" mini album... The EMBELLISHMENTS!!  Embellishing is my favorite part of Scrapbooking.  I like to challenge myself when it comes to the design and decor.  I try to come up with new & interesting ways to use the products.  I will start with the cover in this post... the inside pages will be covered in more posts to come.  I was quite pleased with the album and the recipient was as well.
ENJOY... and as always, THANKS for visiting!
Prayers  & Blessings,
This is the completed cover with tulle tied onto the binding wire.  There is a combination of resist canvas, silk flowers, paper flowers, resin flowers, lace, flat-back pearl strands, and a resin heart with wings that I colored with acrylic paint.
These are some of the paper flowers that I used. The top flower is the before... I sprayed each flower with coordinating, homemade glimmer mists. They turned out BEAUTIFULLY!  I will be doing all of my flowers like this in the future. These paper flowers take the color and shimmer of the glimmer mists so well. 
Allow ample time to dry before adhering to your project.
Above are examples of the resist canvas. Spray a canvas piece of your choice with coordinating glimmer mist color.  Let the color soak in as much as desired and "dab" off excess with a paper towel.  If you would like the color to be darker,
repeat process as needed.

These resin pieces from Prima are AWESOME!! They add so much texture and dimension to the project. This particular one was white. Paint over it with acrylic metallic paint, making sure to brush it into all of the cracks. While the paint is still wet, wipe off all of the excess paint, leaving the paint heavy in the cracks. After, smear some gold acrylic metallic paint onto the tips and edges for
more shimmer and depth.

This is a close up, before the gold was added.

Another new technique for me was this button and elastic closure.  Punch holes in both covers with a crop-a-dile big bite or other strong punching device. In the front cover hole,place a shank button into the hole. If the shank is not long enough to go all the way through to the back, tie a short piece of ribbon to the button shank. 

Pull the ribbon through the hole and secure it on the back with a decorative paperclip. I added some very strong wet glue to the back of the ribbon knot and
the deco paperclip for added security.

This is the inside of the front cover.  I made sure to make the back of the button closure neat and coordinating with the album... make it part of the design.  I created a "Welcome Baby" tag on my computer and printed it out on colored cardstock. This makes a place for Mom & Dad to write the Baby's info from the hospital... adding more ways to save memories!
(posts of inside pages to be continued...)


  1. I absolutely love all of your attention to detail when you make a project. I need to try some of those Prima resin pieces!


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